Cansignorio della Scala was born today 5 of march 1340 A.D. and died in the year 1375 A.D. he was the Lord of Verona 1359 until 1375. Cansignorio ruled with his brother, Paolo Alboino.


Cansignorio inherited the lordship of Verona when his father  Mastino died, together he and his brothers Cangrade II and Paolo Alboino ruled Verona. Later Cangrade had the effective reins. Cansignorio plotted against Cangrade’s rule, and had him assassinated, then he entered the city in the year of 1359 with the help of Carraresi who was Padua.


Legacy even though his character was ruthless in nature, he ruled over Verona quite moderately and his development style changed the city in many ways, such as construction, including the first masonry bridge over the which as at Adige.


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