#Onthisday in history: 1152 A.D. Frederick I Barbarossa was elected the King of the Germany


Frederick was born in the year of 1122 and died in the year of 10 of June 1190. He was also known as “Frederick Barbarossa”, Barbarossa was the Holy Roman Emperor from the year of 1155 until his death. Today on 4th march he was elected as King of Germany in Frankfurt. Then upon the year of 1152 A.D. he was crowned in Aachen on the 9th March 1152 A.D., by the year of 1155 A.D. on 18th June the Pope Adrian IV was crowned Holy Roman Emperor. In his later life he was crowned in other places, whilst his nick name Barbarossa meant “Red Beard in Italian”.


Frederick was the son of Duke Frederick II who was from the house of “Hohenstaufen dynasty and Judith, daughter of Henry IX duke of Bavaria, from the rival house of Welf, which made him Eligible for the crown because he was from both houses.


In historical context he was considered among the Holy Roman Empire as the “greatest” his legacy, was his ambition, to change the government, organizations and through his political perspective there were many great changes for good and bad under him!


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