#onthisday 986 A.D. Louis V becomes King of the Franks.


He was the king from the year of 986 A.D. until his premature death in 987 A.D. He was  childless in death and so he was the last monarch from the Carolingian line.

He was the Son of King Lothair and his wife Emma, she was the daughter of Lothair II of Italy. Louis was born 966-67 he was crowned in the year 978. He didn’t truly assume power until his father died in 986 A.D. He reigned for a whole year until he died, the medieval biographer with the title.  “qui nihil fecit”— “who did nothing”.

So Louis died on the date of 21 of may 987 he fall down from his horse whilst hunting near a town called “Senlis, Oise”. Before his death he had reopened a case against the Adalberon of Reims for treason, but he had died in his hunting accident before the trial.

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