Born #onthisday in history 40.BC martial – Spanish-Italian author and poet


A famous Roman poet was born in Hispania which is the “Iberian Peninsula”.  He is best known for his great books of ‘Epigrams’ which were published in Rome between the years of 86 A.D. – 103 A.D. which during the reigns of several emperors such as Nerva, Domitian and Trajan. From his short, major witty poems, he talks about the “saitirses” of city life, upon the scandalous actives he had encountered, whether from friends, acquaintances and romanticizes upbringing. The amount of works which he had done over the total from, roughly around 1561, pieces and which elegiac couplet. He is consider the creator of the Modern ‘Epigram’.  A vital person throughout the great man history.

Whilst Martial become very highly recognized and respected upon the discovery, by renaissance which often saw the same views and sharing eye of urban times.


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