1155 A.D. born #onthisday 28 of February Henry the Young King, English son of Henry II of England. BL_MS_Royal_14_C_VII_f.9_(Henry_jr)

Henry the Young King, he was the second son of Five to King Henry II of England and Queen Eleanor of Quitaine to survive Infancy. Upon the starting of 1170 A.D. he was titular of King of England, Duke of Normandy, count of Anjou and Maine.



Young Henry played a vital part in politics of his father’s reign.

Later Young Henry had issues and fell out with his father in the year of 1173 A.D. Later contemporary sources and chroniclers allege it was from his “young” frustration, toward his father that he didn’t gain any realm to rule a part of the England and starved from funds. A rebellion broke out due to the discontent and problems toward his father that Henry arrived upon his return into civil war 1173-74. They came close to toppling the king and he was only saved by the nobles flew to his English side of channel.

He was the Henry the young king and was the only king crowned titular in history of England following the Norman conquest.

He lacked political weight, but the young kings patronage gave him celebrity status throughout Western Europe.

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