Today in history: 364A.D. Valentinian also known as Valentinian the great is proclaimed Roman Emperor. He ruled from the year of 364- until 375. Upon becoming emperor he made his brother a co-emperor of the Eastern half and provinces of the empire, while Valentinian retained the West.


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In his reign, Valentinian fought many successful battles which include battles against, Alamanni , Sarmatians and Quadi. The most famous battle and one of the most important battles took place in year of 367 A.D. with the victory over Alamanni at “Battle of Solicinium”. His general Count Theodosius crushed and defeated a revolt in Africa and the great conspiracy which was “a coordinated assault and attack on Roman Britain by the Picts, Scots and Saxons. Valentinian was the final emperor to conduct campaign and battle in Rhine and Danube Rivers. He also rebuilt many fortifications and improved them along the end empire’s boundaries, “he even built fortresses in enemy territory” a bold move

Legacy: Due to the great success he had in the nature of his reign, after the death of Valentinian he was often seen as the “last great Western Emperor. He also founded the Valentinian Dynasty.


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