1643.AD  Ahmed II Ottoman sultan who was born today in history(February 25, 1643 – February 6, 1695) He ruled from 1691 to 1695.

Ahmed II was also the parent of Sultan Ibrahim(1640-48_ and his mother Hatic Muazzez , Valide Sultan.


During his short reign Ahmet II was devoted to his attentions of the wars against the Habsburgs which was a cause of the government, foreign policy and economical issues that arose. The most important of these were the tax reforms, with the introduction of life long farm systems which were known as “malikane” seeing tax farming. During Ahmed’s reign there was major military defeats against their rivals in Europe known as the Habsburg Empire which was a long Hungarian war from 1683-99. Major fires took place in Istanbul of ayan or local magnates which further weakened the central governance of Ottoman provinces.

One of the most vital points of Ahmed’s reign was his reliance on Köprülüzade Fazıl Mustafa Pasha which was a powerful asset who held immense military power.

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