Born #onthisday in history 1500 A.D. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, 24 of February.


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Charles V, was born on this day 24 of February, Charles was also known as Charles I of Spain, upon this he was Duke of Burgundy and the ruler of the Netherlands, 1506 A.D. he became ruler of the Spanish Empire from 1516 and then the Holy Roman Emperor, from 1519. Despite this he eventually stepped down from the crown, by a series of abdication between 1554-1556.AD


The prosperity he brought under his rule of Charles V, to countries such as the central, western, and southern Europe areas, and many Spanish Colonies in Americas and Asia. Which nearly equaled four million square kilometers, this was the first definition of an empire to use “the empire on which the sun never set.”

Charles was the heir of the totality of the European Leading dynasties such as the house of Habsburg, Trastamara and Valois-Burgundy. He was the first king to rule both important houses in Spain known as Castile and Aragon both. In his own right of rule he was referred to as the first “King of Spain”.

For Charles this would been seen as a personal union of the many houses and countries under one “Holy Roman Emperor”, which has been seen as the closest thing to a “Universal Monarch.”

From this, many of the European enemies would become hostile towards Charles and his empire.

Fearing that his vast inheritance would lead to the realization of a universal monarchy and that he was trying to create a European hegemony, Charles was the object of hostility from many enemies, Even though there was a great rivalry with the Ottoman Empire.


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