#onthisday in history of 23 of February 1820, the Cato street conspiracy took place, A plot which was to murder all the British cabinets is exposed.


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Cato street conspiracy was an attempt to murder all British cabinet minsters and the prime-minster, lord Liverpool in 1820, the origins of the names comes from the meeting which took place near Edgeware road in London. The plot was uncovered by an undercover police officer known as an informer, the plotter fell into the police trap and there was a total of 13 arrests that took place. Whilst one policeman was killed, a total of five conspirators were executed and the other five were transported to Australia.

However whether there was a widespread conspiracy was uncertain, this was a time of major unrest and rumors were unbounded, even in the Irish communities, a number of trade societies, even notable shoemakers, lent support for the unrest, and did their part in raising awareness. There was a planned uprising in the industrial north.

published by Samuel William Fores, hand-coloured etching, published May 1820

(published by Samuel William Fores, hand-coloured etching, published May 1820)

Historical context: These were hard economical times and with unrest being encouraged. At the end of Napoleonic Wars in the years of 1815, the economy worsened with the return of job-seeking veterans. The death of George III in the year of 29 of January 1820, created a new crisis within the government, so this furthered the turbulent times! The legacy has so much depth and history of understanding of critical changes in the 1900 Britain


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