1371 A.D. – Onthisday in #history Robert II becomes King of Scotland, beginning the Stuart dynasty.
Robert_II_of_Scotland 800px-Robert_II_(Alba)_i
He reigned of the King of the Scots from 1371, as well as the founding monarch of the “House of Stuart”. He was the son of Walter Stuart, 6th High Steward of Scotland and of Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert Bruce.
In the year of 1373 Robert ensured the future security of the Stuart Dynasty, by having the Parliament pass entitlements in regarding the succession of the crown. At that time, none of his sons had heirs, so it was necessary for a system to be devised and planed. In which each of his sons could inherit the crown. Take precedence over normal succession by Primogeniture.
By the year of 1383 the Scots had taken most of the occupied lands, following the Anglo-French peace talks, Robert was reluctant to commit to an all out war to obtain a peace treaty, but Robert’s peace eventually lead to a coup in 1384 which lost the control of the country.
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