#Onthisday in #history 1437 – James I of #Scotland is assassinated.
James I born (late July 1394 – 21 February 1437), he was king of Scotland from 1406 until his death, the son of King Robert III and Annabella Drummond. He was the last of the three sons, by the time he was Eight, David, the Duke of Rothesay died suddenly and suspiciously in Falkland Castle.
On the 14 of April his father died, Robert III and 12 year old uncrown king of the scots, but it truly began his detention at 18 years old.
The king had strong desire to impose law and also order upon his Subjects , this only happened selectively at times.
The King had a strong desire to impose law and order on his subjects, but applied it selectively at times. While he wanted to bolster his authority and secure the position of the crown, he launched an attack on some of his Nobles. In 1425 with his Close kinsmen with Albany Stewarts which in the aftermath resulted in the execution of Duke Murdoch and his sons.
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