1516 – Mary I of England was born #Onthisday in #History
Mary was queen of England and Ireland from the years 1553.AD until her death. Her lead in the executions of the protestants, gave her the name “Bloody Mary” in which she became known for.
Maria_Tudor1 (2)
The only child of Henry VIII and his first Wife Catherine of Aragon. While her younger half brother Edward VI succeeded their father in the year of 1547. He was mortally ill but in the year of 1533 he had attempted to remove Mary from the line of succession because of their religious differences. On the death of Edward their first cousin Lady jane Grey was proclaimed queen but Mary Assembled her forces and overthrew Jane and beheaded her!
In the year of 1554 she married Philip of Spain she becomes the queen consort of Spain on his accession of 1556.
The fourth ruler of the Tudor dynasty, during her five year reign she had over 280 religious dissenter burnt at the stake, she attempted to re-establish the Roman Catholicism as the state religion, but it never happened.
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