Who was the black prince? The black prince was known as Edward of Woodstock and he lived from 15 of June 1330.AD -8 June 1376. He was the eldest son of King Edward III , the Philippa of Hainault and the father of Richard II of England.


Figure one ( 1390; British Library, shelfmark: Cotton MS Nero D VI, f.31)

He was the first “Duke of Cornwall” From 1337, the Prince of Wales (1343) then finally he was prince Aquitaine 1362-72.AD.

Edward served as an important symbolic regent in the years between 1339- 1342, whilst he father was on the battlefield. He attended and was expected to attend the Council meetings, Edward also performed Negotiations with the papacy about the war in 1337. Prince Edward also served as the High Sheriff of Cornwall between the years of 1340- 1374 in different of years.


Figure two : (is from google images)

His name “Edward of Woodstock” was presented to him early in his, and named after his birth place. But since the 16-century Edward has been popularly known as the “Black Prince”. Throughout his career he was remembered as a Military Leader, due to his major victories in history. At an early age he showed great signs of military brilliance , upon this he played a vital role in the defeat of the French army at the battle of “Battle of Crecy” when he was only 16. In the year of 1355 his father made him Lieutenant in Gascony, another year later he achieved yet another major victory against the French at “Poitier” later he taken for the French king Prisoner. This made him very popular during the lifetime.


In the year of 1348.AD he become the first Knight of Garter he was one of the founders of the order.


Upon the death of Edward of Woodstock a whole year before his father, he was first English Prince of Wales not to become king of England. The throne was passed instead to his son Richard II a minor upon the death of Edward III.


figure three (Black Prince in the Louvre)

The representation of the idea of the black prince came from the the black prince had black armor that he had worn in battle, which was detailed as “Burnished Steel”.

Edward’s Legacy of brutality which was well documented in France, which David Green says, that his origins, “Philippe De Mezieres” he mentions as the greatest black boar. Edward was very aggressive in his tactics and with his relationship with the Christendom.

The black prince seems to have had good health until the year of 1366A.D. Not until the campaign in Spain to restore Don Pedro “The cruel” to the throne of Castile that he became ill.

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