Onthisday in history: 1689 – William and Mary are proclaimed co-rulers of England.
King_William_III_of_England,_(1650-1702)_(lighter) (1) Mary_II_-_Kneller_1690
William and Mary were both co-regents other the parts of kingdom England, Scotland and Ireland. They joint Reign began today in the year of 1689, the throne was offered by the Convention Parliament irregularly for this to happened, they summoned William after the successful invasion of England in February 1689. Which was called the Glorious Revolution. Replaced the former ruler of James II & (VII) who as Mary father. Who fled the country the parliament offered the crown to William and Mary as co-regency. After the death of Mary in 1694 William ruled alone until his death in the year of 1702, they had heirs so Mary’s younger sister Anne had claimant to the throne.
Historical legacy
To end the glorious Revolution William and Mary signed the english bill of rights in 1689. This was a very important act to end many centuries of conflict between the crown and parliament. To end the idea of the England to be restored to Roman Catholicism King William being a Dutch Protestant leader.
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