1441.AD – was born #onthisday in #history -Shir Nava’i, Turkish poet, linguist, and painter.
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He was a Central Asian writer, poet , linguist, politician , mystic and a painter, He was retarded as the greatest representative of Chagatai Language literature.
Nava’i thought and believed that the “Turkic” language was superior to Persian for literacy purposes. Nava’i argued and defended this in many of his works, one argument of his was that the richness and procession of the Turkic vocabulary was greater, as opposed to Persian.
Because of this the Chagatai language and poetry, Nava’i is considered to by the founder of early Turkic literature in many places and Institutions that have been named after him in Central Asia.
He was influenced by many different areas of the world, such as the Central Asian countries to the extent of India in the East and the Ottoman Empire in the west. Evidence can be found in Central Asia, modern day Turkey, Kazan of Russia, and all other areas where Turkic speakers inhabit.
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