Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji or known as (Mahmud Barzinji ) he always also given the name “the king of the kurds” due to a several uprising for the kingdom of kurdistan. 

“At the end of the war, a Kurdish government was established at Sulaymaniyah in the northern part of the former vilayet under the leader-ship of Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji.”

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Martin Sicker, The Middle East in the Twentieth Century, (Westport : GreenWood publishing group, 2001), pp. 85. 

Mahmud Barzanji was a shikeh of Barzanji Clan the city of  Sulaymaniyah is apart of Iraqi Kurdistan and he was born in the year of 1878 he was a very educated kurdish nobility. Then after a the point of the world war one he started to fight for the rights of the kurdish nationality and to have there own home as a Kurdish kingdom.

With the end the ottoman empire and the new treaty of sevres which started to exchange and the lands have being carved up by the western powers of creating a new nation states in the middle east or such as new kingdoms for the arabs and Iraqis.

Around 1919 the kurds where not happy with the overall promise not being leaving up to by the british so they revolted around a year later and then after the causes of that the british empire elected a governor of the southern  kurdistan and he was a popular figure known as Mahmud barzanji.

Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji was a clever and a visionary which had his own ideas of of a greater Kurdistan the idea of uniting all his people under one nation ( became a kurdish nation leader). To have a country of having there own  sovereignty national identity to be in there own control. However Mahmud Barzanji was elected to be a indirected rule of the kurds and the governor of the southern kurds by the british government. (Then later after some years he was known as the ‘king of the kurds). This lead a while of revolts against the british government which then lead to the imprisonment of Mahmud Barzanji in india.

Then the return of Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji from the exile from the prisons in India he was freed by the british Government , his brother Sheikh Qadir was in control of south kurdistan but he couldn’t seem to be as profile and an organised leader such as his brother as Sheikh Mahmud Barzanji then he come back which he was re-established as the Governor of south kurdistan again. 

Mahmud Barzinji rise to many prominence he has left a radical and important legacy for the rights of kurds and to have there own nation identity with all the important cultural and social content is need for the entitlement  of human rights.