since i have started doing videos i have found ever so interesting of growing expanding of material culture of London finding different hidden depth of history ! which since to bring the old into the new post modern world for me this is a groovy historical world for me because i have started only a few months back and since then i just being growing of trying to improve!

the reason why i started to doing recording of old sites i found ever so inspiring and i think its a good way to find your self in city of London to find one routes and ones path that you walk through as part of a historian in training i am this one my jobs i have giving my self as i have try to expanded my skills set and knowledge.

i have being studying a history degree for the past few years and always had a keen interested in it and i wanted to utilised my skills by offering a sharing and showing of history. with a learned way of thinking as well. it just one of the many journeys that i am taking ……

Another point to mention there is going to be more videos of local history in london then projects aboard 😀 perhaps watch out for cyprus and istanbul !!

i hope you all have enjoyed my brief talking why i have started stay groovy !!!!

all is produce by the groovy historian and owned my the groovy historian from photos to videos to the brand name : 

yours sincerely groovy historian .